Monday, March 5, 2012

Jab paida hi hua main FUDDU, To Kya kar lega Bournvita waala DUDU

The plight of a 24 year old fake engineer whose entire life seems to be a classic case of trivial comedies is what the idea which keeps running in my mind. A guy who always chooses the path of better public conduct if the other option is to RIP off that person with physical and verbal abuses. Now that I feel that I have vented I can behave sane.

At 23, I realized the meaning to INSANITY. I learnt that, insane means to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results out of it. Now this was told in a seminar of 300 people and it just left me all cracked up, laughing loudly in front of them. Wondering how much embarrassed I was, A LOT but only for a short stint of time. The Forum leader just asked me, “So, you could relate? I like the honesty and my purpose is solved.” I thought of being ashamed at myself but on the contrary I was proud that I could figure out some insane behaviors. I so know the word coming to you mind. “WEIRDO!!!”

Today, at the age of 24 with almost 2 years into a job I totally don’t relate to and still unanswered in my mind the biggest question, “What is the purpose of my life??” I decide to start a blog. This is no means to vent out my anger or show how frustrated I am but just a reflection of my apathies (as described by others) are a source of constant humor for me and now they just leave me inspired to do things to which I was always shunning away from. The inspiration came from a demented (I can call her that , dare you call her) Mallu friend of mine whose words of wisdom are hidden in her gestures or the nuances of her life and she conveys them without even knowing.

“Jab paida hi hua main FUDDU, To Kya kar lega Bournvita wala DUDU”. Among the status messages I kept on Facebook, this seems to have gathered the maximum likes and attention. Leaves me wondering, if this was the subtle taste of sarcasm everyone wants to enjoy or they actually consider me a FUDDU. Fuddu actually means someone DUMB and if you have ever seen a kid, you would know that DUDU refers to the MILK (and of course it makes my favorite drink). Fuddu or not, I choose not think over it as it not an examination where I have to answer questions correctly. I can make mistakes at my own free fill. I can do anything which gives me a sense of being original and honest. With endless examples of choosing the wrong path, meeting and liking the wrong people, disaster career decisions, being a cribber, not giving any full effort to any idea, I think my biggest asset and my biggest reason for failure is the same reason that I am a SHAREEF AADMI. But I am proud of the fact I am one. At least I live my life as I choose and trust me that is more than a reason to stay happy.

For I always say: STAY HAPPY! STAY BLESSED!!